Forehead and Brow Surgery

Before and After

Many people feel that they need eyelid surgery because they have droopy upper eyelids.  In actuality, they may need their forehead and eyebrows lifted back to their youthful position.

Forehead and Brow Lift Before & After Photographs

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Forehead and Brow-lift

A forehead lift or "brow lift" is a surgical procedure designed to tighten the tissues that cause drooping brows, horizontal lines, and furrows in the area above the eyes. Sometimes what appears to be sagging of the upper eyelids is actually from drooping of the brow, rather than excess upper eyelid skin. This may best be addressed by a brow lift.

Brow Position

Eyebrow position is an important part of one's expression and youthful look. As we age, one of the most noticeable features is the downward slope of the eyebrows. Ideally in females, the head of the brow starts over the bony rim of the eye socket then arches upward. The highest point of the arched brow should be above the corner of the eye. The normal male eyebrow should be more horizontal and is usually at the level of the bony rim. In both males and females, aging causes the eyebrows to droop and overlap the eyelids.

Brow-lift Procedures

There are several types of procedures to elevate the brow. Brow lifts are usually performed in the office surgery center environment with sedation. The recovery is 7-10 days.

The older traditional forehead lift is called a coronal lift, which requires an incision from the top of each ear and extends across the entire scalp. The entire forehead is lifted through this incision from above. The coronal lift is rarely used today because of the extensive incision.

The mini open brow technique utilizes a special incision known as a trichophytic incision. This is called a pre-trichial brow-lift. This incision is made just behind the hairline and done in such a manner that the hair will regrow through the incision scar. This technique is done only under the skin as opposed to the deep tissues like other techniques. The pre-trichial brow-lift is very stable and the results often last longer than other types of brow lifts. In patients with high hairlines, the hairline position can be maintained or even lowered by using this type of incision just at the hairline. This hairline incision is barely detectable.

Minimal-incision brow-lift and T-lift (temporal lift) can be performed through tiny incisions behind the hairline. Minimal-incision brow-lift and T-lift (temporal lift) can be performed using an endoscope, which is a skinny telescope similar to those used for knee surgery. This technique minimizes loss of sensation and hair loss at the incision sites.

Direct and mid-forehead brow lifts involve incisions hidden within the eyebrow hair or in a natural skin crease of the forehead. These techniques are often ideally suited for male patients.

Dr. Joseph can determine which procedure is right for you. Dr. Joseph will often review photos from your 20’s or 30’s to determine how best to rejuvenate your upper face.