Your initial visit will be a one on one consultation with Dr. Joseph and his staff. We will review your health history and address your functional and esthetic concerns. Dr. Joseph will perform a thorough examination and take measurements of your face. He will review all surgical options and inform you of alternative forms of treatment. We will show you before and after photos of patients with similar problems.

A presurgical consultation is necessary for most corrective jaw and cosmetic facial procedures. This will give you the opportunity to meet with Dr. Joseph and his staff. At this visit we will review your medical history and discuss the surgical treatment. We will also review the alternatives as well as anesthetic options.

Our office uses computer imaging for Orthognathic surgery and facial cosmetic cases. Pretreatment photographs and x-rays are used to simulate the surgical result allowing us to preview your surgical possibilities.

Surgical Workup and Treatment Planning

Records, which include X-rays, facial photographs, and models of your teeth are made and a computer-aided cephalometric analysis will be performed by the doctor to provide a blueprint for your surgical and orthodontic treatment.

We use patient-specific data to virtually show an orthognathic (jaw) procedure simulation customized for each patient. You will be able to preview a simulation of corrective jaw surgery before the actual procedure.

This technology allows Dr. Joseph to take that data directly into the operating room and use it as a customized surgical plan for each patient. There is more efficiency and accuracy.

To arrange a presurgical consultation with Dr. Joseph please contact us.