What is Facial and Neck Liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure that can help sculpt the face and neck by removing excess fat. It is actually more properly referred to as liposculpture. The word sculpture implies an artistic contouring of the fat instead of just removing fat. Liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss.

Liposuction is an excellent means of removing fat deposits in individuals whom have genetic fat deposits or fat collections from aging. The most effective areas for facial liposuction are the areas under the chin and the jowls. Removing excess fat can result in a positive change. However, removing too much fat can leave an unaesthetic result. Leaving the proper amount of fat under the skin is extremely important.

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Liposuction Procedure

Facial liposuction is performed through a tiny incision using a small tube (cannula) and vacuum device. The incision is usually concealed beneath the chin or behind the ears. The procedure is performed in the office with local anesthesia and sedation. A simple elastic compression dressing is worn for several days continually and at night for 7 days after the liposculpture procedure. Depending upon the severity of the deformity, the recovery time for these surgeries is from 5 to 7 days.

Dr. Joseph uses a combination of surgical procedures when performing liposuction. A chin implant is frequently utilized with the liposuction under the chin. This tightens up the loose skin and enhances the patient's profile.

If significant loose skin is present, liposuction by itself may produce disappointing results. For cases with a large amount of skin, a face-lift or neck lift procedure may be required which corrects the sagging muscles of the neck to restore their youthful position. This is effective in improving the “turkey gobbler” deformity of the neck.

Before and After of Patient #101

Buccal Fat Pad Reduction

The buccal fat pad is a normal collection of facial fat in the cheeks. In some patients with round faces or “puffy” cheeks, the buccal fat pads can be reduced to slenderize the mid face. Aggressive removal of the buccal fat pad can result in a hollow appearance.

Case Studies and Before & After Photographs

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Before and after pictures of patients that had face and neck liposculpture. Some of the patients also had simultaneous procedures such as chin implants or corrective jaw surgery.