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What are Tear Troughs?

The area between your lower eyelid and upper cheek is known as your Tear Trough. The Tear Trough are lines that are underneath the lower eyelids which give patients a hollow, sunken or dark circle appearance. As we get older, this changes in appearance; it becomes longer, deeper and more shadowed. The soft tissue in our cheek area loses volume as we get older, but may also be genetic. The appearance of deep, dark circles or tear troughs may be caused by other factors including lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, dehydration and weight loss.

Injecting dermal fillers, will plump out the depression and improve the “dark circle” look. Tear Trough Fillers are suitable for anyone who has:

  • Sunken Eyes
  • Tired looking eyes
  • Tear Troughs
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Eye bags

Tear trough fillers rejuvenation is a specialized non-surgical aesthetic treatment performed using hyaluronic gel. We may also suggest a treatment plan that includes strengthening the upper cheek to support the area as well as treating the tear trough itself for the best cosmetic result. Tear trough fillers are delivered with

A Subtle Treatment for Hollow Areas Beneath Your Eyes

Dr Joseph uses soft dermal fillers designed to make subtle enhancements to the tear troughs. Tear trough fillers are semi- permanent dermal fillers for a soft and natural correction. The dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid with built-in Lidocaine. Hyaluronic acid is naturally in your skin cells and acts as your body’s own moisturizer for supple, youthful skin. This replaces lost volume and at the same time retains skin hydration.

Dr. Joseph performs tear trough treatments in the most natural way possible so that you can look rested and feel revitalized. Our tear trough treatments are one of the most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatments for people troubled by tired looking eyes.

Consultation and Evaluation

Your treatment will begin with an in-depth consultation to help us understand your requirements. The treatment usually takes less than
hour, and you should be able to return to your everyday activities afterwards. The results of this treatment are usually visible immediately. There may be some slight swelling and bruising, which are usually mild and temporary. Each treatment may vary from one person to another.

What about Eye Bags?

Tear trough hollowness may also be associated with large protruding Eye Bags. In some cases, it may best to surgically removal of the bags (lower lid blepharoplasty). If the tear troughs are not associated with eye bags, then injecting small amounts of dermal fillers into the tear troughs can be very beneficial.

The lower eyelid area is very complex with some very crucial blood vessels and nerves nearby. Tear tough injections should only be performed by a experienced doctor, who has thorough knowledge of facial anatomy.